About the Observatory

The International Observatory for Terrorism Studies (OIET) stems from the will of the Victims of Terrorism Collective (COVITE) to create an organization that promotes the development of research projects focused on the prevention of violent radicalization and on the spread of democratic principles.

OIET emerged to promote national and international research on terrorism and on the development of strategic research studies based around the prevention of violent radicalization. To that end, OIET will be a meeting point for researchers, universities and public and private institutions that share OIET’s key founding principle: ethical, social and educational de-legitimization of terrorism.

Similarly, OIET integrates a board of scholars and renowned professionals who offer their experience and knowledge to national and international media who may wish to contact them through this Observatory.

This website will further integrate research and premium articles related to violent radicalization and terrorism. These are grouped into six major areas of expertise: Public Communication, Justice, Sociology, Psychology, History and International Terrorism.