The International Observatory on Terrorism Studies (OIET) is aware of the essential role that knowledge and the dissemination of history plays in understanding the past and in stopping such serious violations of human rights and terrorism from taking place again.
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The judicial truth of terrorism, a key element in writing the story

The Victims’ Assistance Service by the National High Court has managed to relate 85.5% of those killed with their judicial case.

Daesh pressures refugees with the photo of the drowned child in Turkey

The researcher Javier Lesaca reveals thirteen campaigns by Daesh that warn about the dangers of the West.
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Veinte expertos internacionales integran un observatorio para contar “la verdad” del terrorismo


Daesh launches an audiovisual campaign to remind Syrian refugees that reaching Europe puts them at risk of “fornication, sodomy, drugs and alcohol”

The terrorist group Daesh began last Wednesday, 16 September an intense media campaign targeting Syrian refugees fleeing to Europe. The campaign contains, so far, thirteen videos distributed via social networks and an article in Dabiq, the official magazine of Daesh.