The International Observatory on Terrorism Studies (OIET) is aware of the essential role that knowledge and the dissemination of history plays in understanding the past and in stopping such serious violations of human rights and terrorism from taking place again.

Short Memories

A gentleman by the name of Arnaldo Otegi has been released from prison today, the 1st March, at Logrono, Spain. Otegi was previously a member of […]

Building a narrative against violent extremism

Intervention of Juanfer F. Caldeín, OIET’s director, in the European Parlament, at the first ALDE Group seminar of 2016 on building a narrative against violent extremism. […]

How to Counter Jihadist Appeal among Western European Muslims

  Worldwide terrorism connected with the jihadist insurgencies in Syria and Iraq emerges disproportionately among second- and third-generation Muslim youth from Western Europe. Many of them […]

Fight against ISIS reveals power of social media

It is hard to measure the real impact that the audiovisual strategy of ISIS on social media has in the radicalization process of a terrorist. It […]

Insurrectionary anarchism and social revolutionary terrorism: The historical background

In 1898 European governments were so preoccupied with anarchist assassinations and bombings that an international conference gathered in Rome in order to find means to fight […]

Daesh tries to gain the support of Islamic public opinion using images of knifes attacks in Israel

After 22 months and more than 900 visual campaigns, it is the first time ISIS demands attacks against Israel Daesh public communication apparatus have launched since […]

Basques vs Spaniards: an invented conflict

This article discusses how and when the story of a secular conflict between Basques and Spaniards was invented, which constitutes the main characteristic of the political […]

On social media, ISIS uses modern cultural images to spread anti-modern values

ISIS has established a new kind of terrorism, using marketing for making terror popular, desirable, and imitable

Daesh pressures refugees with the photo of the drowned child in Turkey