Daesh tries to gain the support of Islamic public opinion using images of knifes attacks in Israel

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  • After 22 months and more than 900 visual campaigns, it is the first time ISIS demands attacks against Israel

Daesh public communication apparatus have launched since last Sunday eight audiovisual campaigns that shows ISIS support and sympathy to the wave of stabbings against soldiers and citizens in Israel that have occurred in recent weeks.

The eight videos are based on the images and pictures that have been in mass media all around the world and in which Palestinian terrorists are seen trying to kill Israeli citizens and soldiers in the street.

The campaigns have been published and distributed in social networks by Daesh audiovisual producers in the regions of Kirkuk, Fallujah and Ganub (in Iraq) and Ninua and Al Jair (in Syria).

The theme of Daesh is particularly striking, since this terrorist group has not been characterized by anti- Israeli public discourse. Most of the campaigns have focused on criticizing the governments of Iraq and Syria. In fact, after 22 months and more than 900 audiovisual campaigns, it is the first time ISIS encourage to commit terrorist attacks against the state of Israel.

With this new audiovisual campaign, based on images that have been seen all around the world, ISIS terrorists seek to achieve the support of the Islamic public opinion in several parts of the world, especially among the younger generations, who feel special feeling for the Palestinian cause.

The ISIS terrorist group demonstrates, once again, its deep knowledge about the of public opinion tools and about a sophisticated communication strategy.

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