International terrorism

The International Observatory on Terrorism Studies (OIET) develops and promotes research and analysis that contributes to the contextualization and de-legitimization of terrorism, an increasingly global phenomenon that requires a global, multidisciplinary response.

Short Memories

A gentleman by the name of Arnaldo Otegi has been released from prison today, the 1st March, at Logrono, Spain. Otegi was previously a member of […]

How to Counter Jihadist Appeal among Western European Muslims

  Worldwide terrorism connected with the jihadist insurgencies in Syria and Iraq emerges disproportionately among second- and third-generation Muslim youth from Western Europe. Many of them […]

Fight against ISIS reveals power of social media

It is hard to measure the real impact that the audiovisual strategy of ISIS on social media has in the radicalization process of a terrorist. It […]

Daesh tries to gain the support of Islamic public opinion using images of knifes attacks in Israel

After 22 months and more than 900 visual campaigns, it is the first time ISIS demands attacks against Israel Daesh public communication apparatus have launched since […]

Daesh threats to the United States and Obama using a child armed with a grenade launcher

The Daesh terrorist group has just published an audiovisual campaign that uses a child armed with an RPG grenade to threats directly to Obama and the […]