Daesh threats to the United States and Obama using a child armed with a grenade launcher

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The Daesh terrorist group has just published an audiovisual campaign that uses a child armed with an RPG grenade to threats directly to Obama and the United States . The video, titled ” A message to Obama , the dog from Rome ” and subtitled in English, has been published on social networks this morning by the production of Digala region (Syria), integrated into the structure of the Islamic State.

Daesh threats uttered by the kid are: “My message is to Obama, the dog of Rome. If you truly believe that your soldiers can enter the land of the Islamic State contaminating it with their filth, then you’re dreaming. Wake up from your dreams and assumes submission before the unclean swords of the Islamic State cut your neck.” The ten minutes and twelve seconds video shows a terrorist training field and a couple of Daesh members making military work.

This is the first audiovisual campaign in which, this year, Daesh directly threats Obama and the United States. The last time the terrorist group launched a campaign of threats against Obama and America was in August and September 2014, coinciding with the beheadings of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotlof.


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